What Can You Do with an LLM in International Business Law?

When requested why to pick Osgoode’s LLM in International Business Law – present day students and alumni commonly mention their unforgettable internship studies and the flexibility this specialization permits.

We stuck up with four alumni to see the various paths the LLM has taken them. Family Lawyer Arifa Chanda, FSCO Articling Student Mohit Malhotra, TD Securities Contracts Specialist Chiedza Museredza and Condominium Lawyer Rajnoop Kaur take a seat down with us to discuss their daily work and how the Professional LLM helped them get to where they’re now.

Arifa Chanda, B. Sc., LLB, LLM, Associate Family Lawyer, Pavey Law LLP
Since completing your LLM in International Business Law, what has your journey been like?

After completing my LLM, I applied to the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA). It took me a yr to complete my NCA courses as I was running element-time to aid myself financially. Further, I considered master of laws it overwhelming to take all my NCA tests in a single sitting. In hindsight, my advice to the foreign certified legal professionals who want to practice regulation in Canada is to use to the NCA at the start of their LLM, take gain of selecting their non-obligatory LLM guides as required with the aid of their NCA assessment, and consciousness on finishing NCA courses as fast as feasible.

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In March 2015, I completed my NCA guides. In August 2015, I joined the Law Practice Program (LPP) at Ryerson University. During the LPP, I wrote the Ontario bar tests one-at-a-time. I graduated from the LPP by way of the cease of April 2016 and in June 2016 I became called to the Ontario Bar.

After my call to the Ontario Bar, I moved to Northern Ontario and worked as an Associate with a seasoned lawyer for a year and a half. Currently, I am an Associate Lawyer with Pavey Law LLP in Cambridge, Ontario, and specially practice inside the location of Family Law. The nature of my paintings levels from drafting and negotiating separation agreements, cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts to also representing clients before the courts in topics related to custody, access, assist, and division of the net family belongings.

How did having the LLM in International Business Law help you?

The LLM helped provide me and my agency self belief that I am knowledgeable about the Canadian prison gadget after having studied at a reputable Canadian University. My internships at the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade & Employment and Ministry of Research and Innovation – which I secured through the program – also gave me an advantage. My employers understand that although I did now not visit law school in Canada, I were running, and have enjoy in the Canadian legal environment.

Further, some of the publications I took within the LLM help me to identify problems and searching for appropriate assist. For instance, after I am coping with a consumer who owns a move-border commercial enterprise, I understand that there will be taxation problems and the involvement of a tax representative may be required.

The opportunity to fulfill foreign certified attorneys from exceptional elements of the world and making connections become my favorite a part of my LLM enjoy. My ‘batch’ had foreign certified lawyers from nations which include Germany, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, England, and Pakistan.

What recommendation do you have got for current and prospective LLM students?

My recommendation for students who want to practice regulation in Canada is to be open to considering work possibilities out of doors the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

In smaller communities, there can be a lack of social activity, but they provide quite a few other true things. You don’t need to wait too long for an possibility to come along. It’s a completely distinct lifestyle outdoor of the GTA and you could honestly have the possibility to pick out and pick where you need to be. There is a real paintings-life stability in a smaller community.

After my call to the bar, I was staying with prolonged own family in Northern Ontario. I determined to begin searching out criminal positions within the identical town. The reaction of the neighborhood lawyers in my town become first rate; there is often a huge part of individuals who are near their retirement age, so they’re eager to look for a person to take over their practice.

My experience in Northern Ontario become incredible – I even got on the panel of Legal Aid Ontario. I was able to get experience in so many extraordinary regions beneath the supervision of a incredible mentor. My enjoy within the courts become extremely good and I became very impressed with the courtesy and staying power of the personnel in addition to judges.

Mohit Malhotra, LLB, LLM, Student-At-Law at Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), Ministry of the Attorney General
What is your cutting-edge role at FSCO?

I am an articling pupil at the Legal Services Branch of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). As an articling student, I paintings in the regulatory fields of insurance, mortgage and pension law; the three maximum crucial regions of law which FSCO regulates. Within the coverage quarter, I paintings on litigation in addition to solicitor case documents.

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