We are Your Dental Team at AA Dental Care of Quincy

Greetings from AA Dental Care! We are committed to offering a wide range of dental services in the Quincy area to meet all of your oral health requirements. As we are aware of how stressful going to the dentist may be, we developed our facilities and our protocols with your comfort in mind. We are a group of experts who strive ardently to give  best dentist  each of our patients in Quincy, Illinois, high-quality care and individualized attention. Every smile is different and has to be treated as such. With our extensive menu of dental services, treatments, and procedures, you may have confidence that our knowledgeable team can meet all of your dental needs.

Our Philosophy:

At AA Dental Care, we are committed to the idea that maintaining good oral health has a positive impact on overall health. To that end, we have the most modern tools and training available to handle all of your dental needs. We provide a comprehensive range of services to guarantee your optimum dental health, whether you require cosmetic whitening for a big occasion or a straightforward check-up and cleaning. A general description of the dental services we provide can be found below. Our staff will be pleased to answer any additional questions you may have regarding the dental procedure that is best for you. Contact AA Dental Care at 217-402-7687 to find out more about how to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Corrective Dental Procedures:

Are you dissatisfied with the alignment or spacing of your teeth? Calling 217-402-7687 will allow you to speak with a member of our welcoming, highly skilled staff about our range of orthodontic treatments, including Envisaging® clear aligners. Together, our team and you will decide which approach best suits your needs in terms of dental care and lifestyle. Since it achieves outcomes comparable to those of conventional metal braces while utilizing a set of personalized, transparent aligners that are almost undetectable, Envisaging therapy is a fantastic alternative for working people. Maintaining your professional image while  taking pleasure in the striking enhancement of   correctly aligned teeth is possible without feeling self-conscious. Make AA Dental Care in Quincy your go-to place for clear aligners from Envisaging!

Professional Teeth Cleaning:

We advise that you come in for a routine checkup and professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year. Plaque and tartar that brushing and flossing at home simply can’t handle will be removed by a professional cleaning. Professional plaque and tartar removal helps to stave off periodontal disease, tooth decay, and poor breath. Preventative care is the greatest dental care we can give you. Frequent examinations and expert tooth cleanings stop minor issues from developing into larger, more challenging-to-treat issues.

Teeth Whitening:

Your teeth’s natural whiteness may gradually fade or darken as you age, change your diet, or develop bad habits. The teeth whitening procedures that we provide at AA Dental Care, however, can bring back the radiance of your smile. With a track record of success, the Zoom! teeth whitening procedure can significantly lighten your smile by up to six shades in a relatively short period of time.

Diet, personal habits, or simply getting older might cause your teeth’s natural brightness to deteriorate or get discolored over time. Yet the teeth whitening treatments we provide here at AA Dental Care can bring back the radiance of your smile. Your smile’s whiteness can be substantially improved by up to six shades in a very short period of time with the Zoom! teeth whitening technique, which has a strong track record of success.

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